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Edu / 2011/2012 М31104 Elective subject 1 Master course Landscape Architecture FoF, UB

Urban Open Spaces_Urban Design of Helth space-Clinical Cente in Srbija

This program is the result of PaPs work with the students at the Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade, Course: Landscape architecture.

The specific objective of the course is Helth space „Klinički Centar Srbija“, helth-urban designe (re) dizajn of open spaces of Clinical Cente in Srbija, Belgrade.

The course teaches the student to master planning of the open areas of the city.

The outcome of course is reflected in the acquisition of the skills strategy formulation and planning of the system of open spaces, gaining experience in data processing and evaluation abiotic and biotic environment and the image of the city. Acquisition of skills for teamwork.
Syllabus of subject is made of two parts:


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