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The paper "Public art & Public space, Serbian experience" was presented at the international conference SO_CULT RE/GENERATION MEETING, Remixing cities II held in Siena (Italy) in October. The meeting was the second edition of the event, organized as a series of sequent meetings held in 3 Italian cities: Reggio Emilia, Mantova and the closing one in Siena. Keywords that have been the subject of the discussions during the Conference are: urban regeneration, peripheries, historical centres, landscape, social innovation, cultural production, youth and creativeness. The paper presented has passed the selection and it has been chosen for the section SO_CULT REMIXING AGE, concentrated on representatives that are good examples of urban development and/or regeneration while using the cultural politics in the development.

The program of the Conference in Siena is possible to see by clicking here.

SO_CULT RE/GENERATION Remixing cities II / Gallery