001 paps 2003 step towards river

step towards river

theme: research of potentials of spatial development and activation of pathways that connect central core of the city of belgrade with the sava river.

polygon: knez mihajlova street, terazije, kalemegdan, tram bridge.

strategy: step by step dispersion of multiple events and artistic interventions in public spaces within the target area, like urban magnetic fields set-up, intensifying space visits and usage frequency, lowering the distances between active city points and therefore making the pathway towards the river more attractive and accessible.

organization and work conditions:project was realized by organizing interdisciplinary students teams, with participants from different faculties of belgrade universities. all the work was supported and monitored by proffesionals – mentors with diverse background, coming from serbia and abroad.
starting limiting conditions were: undefined budget, lack of collaboration among faculties at university of belgrade and university of arts in belgade; time constraints (preiod – semester from february to july).

initial presumptions:

  • interdisciplinary work of students o university of belgrade, eventhough there is no official cooperation between the faculties.
  • motivation for realization of personal ideas is providing extraordinary strength for action in limited working conditions, initiating project realization with interdisciplinary approach to artistic design of public city spaces.
  • possibility for mass and diverse intervantion during such a artistic design of public city spaces.
  • students’ role as initiators of the work with the local community on the project realization.
  • student can animate the citizens to actively participate in the realization of the projects of urban quality development.
  1. phaze: initialization
  • research of the public open spaces and public buildings network within the target field
  • research of the particular locations
  • research of bibliography referring to target area
  • pre-research of ideas about the possibilities and potentials for space significance and stopping by and within the public spaces (terazije terrace – terazijska terasa)
  • publication: catalogue of public spaces in the central zone of belgrade
  • project presentation on the terazije terrace: urban stop
  • presentation of the PaPs program
  1. phaze: ideas generation and development
  • selection and definition of subprojects (themes, content, methodology, tools,…)
  • project development on the two levels:
    „great vision“ – project’s spatial simulation, the one like it that should be if the enough finances would allow it.
    second level of „less, but possible“ – project which can be realized with minimal investments
  • publication of initial workshop proposals
  • presentation of preliminary concepts by multidisciplinary teams
  1. phaze: realization
  • selection of particular pathways – connections between the city and the river, and therefore selection of the spaces which will be primarily activated with this aim.
  • scenarios of integral presentation of the workshops with the aim to realize their synergetic impact on the public spaces.
  • development of the realization plan of every particular workshop.
  • particular activity was dedicated to fund raising and sponsor pool gathering, where the students took active role in presentation in front of potential sponsors and lobbying for their project realization.
  • cooperation with international summer school of university of arts.


  • step towards the river event – july 12th2003

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