a collection of researching laboratories within the university of belgrade, faculty of architecture. research has been concluded by each department within the faculty: urbanism department, department of architectural technologies, department of architecture…

responsible for PaPs lab:

dr Zoran Đukanović, professor

dr Jelena Živković, associate professor

Boško Drobnjak, PhD, teaching assistant


dr Nađa Beretić, researcher, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Sassari

investigation of the purpose, possibilities, scope and procedures of the use of participatory Public art in the urban design of open, and especially public, open city spaces. research involves the use and combination of various research methods: comparative method; case studies; content analysis method; method of theoretical-critical analysis; method of observation; modeling method; method of analysis/synthesis, induction/deduction, classification and generalization, abstraction, concretization and specification, as well as the use of participatory methods and techniques when working directly with the widest range of relevant stakeholders. investigations of the complex relations that are traditionally established in cities between two large and important social practices: art and urbanism, with special reference to contemporary interdisciplinary artistic, planning and design practices that are realized in contemporary cities and urban life. creation of case studies, strategic initiatives and project proposals for the improvement of a specific segment of the public domain, within which Public art and urban design are realized, i.e., research into public appearances and participatory practices within urbanism and art in a broader sense.

Opportunities abound for students and professionals eager to make a difference in the fight against climate change’s impact on urban health. Dive into a dynamic interdisciplinary community focused on sustainable planning, design, and management of our built environment. Explore innovative teaching and learning experiences, delving into the pivotal role of green-based solutions in enhancing urban health. Collaborate with esteemed academic partners and cities across Italy, Cyprus, Portugal, and Serbia, as we disseminate knowledge through international training courses, workshops, and events. This initiative is proudly co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme, marking a commitment to shaping a brighter, healthier future for all.

short for education, is meant for the educational aspect of PaPs. educational programs of PaPs, faculty subject and many more to educate th e Public, about the importance of Public Art in the Public Space

pretty self-explanitory, works that the students definitely weren’t forced to do for the faculty subject of PaPs

as the name suggests, works that happen by people like you, for the Public, … also like you. definitely an experience you must go through to understand it.

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