PaPs is a growing community of people willing to increase the quality of urban spaces. 

PaPs project was funded as an innovative experimental project at the university of belgrade, faculty of architecture on may 21, 2003, aiming to promote artistic and non-intrusive interventions in public spaces. before becoming educational program, projects were realized on volunteer basis by young people, primarily architects. over time, interdisciplinarity has grown. 

our dream to make public spaces more entertaining and better places in a lovable and livable city hasn’t changed since then. 


dreaming together 

a community of people who tirelessly initiate, manage, and implement projects in which Public art makes cities places of free expression, more engaging, livable and lovable daily experiences

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sharing the dream 

a network of people who are happy to work towards creating a better tomorrow for all while increasing the quality of life in Public Spaces

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great people, doing great things

we are always dealing with the placemaking, which is a cultural matter. “a man cannot plan his own world without projecting himself into it”. we make our places out of ourselves by building their walls out of our own flesh, bones as well as of our dreams and hopes

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dreaming by doing 

architecture is always about the future, unexperienced but dreamed. so, dreams matter. instead of experiencial “learning by doing” methodology which gains routine, we develop a new experimental “dreaming by doing” methodology which avoids routine

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the city we need is open for art 

city co-produced by artists, allowing each person to express their creative voice in building communities, based on tolerance, recognition of differences as richness, and collective decision making; creating a consciousness of the necessity to collectively envision a new ethics and futures. 

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