Hospital Outdoors: quality through users’ experience

hospital outdoors: quality through users’ experience

Edited by Francesca Giofrè La Sapienza University of RomeFaculty of Architecture, the Department of Architecture and Design, and Zoran Đukanović the University of BelgradeFaculty of Architecture, the Department of Urbanism, Public art & Public space.

This book \”Hospital Outdoors: quality through users\’ experience\” is in continuity with the previous book, by the same editors, entitled \”Health Spaces. Hospital outdoor environment\” (ed. Tesis, 2015). In the previous book, the editors aimed to shed light on the then under-researched problem of hospital outdoor spaces from the perspective of experts and academics, from top to bottom. In this second book, the same issue is explored from the bottom up by examining the opinions and attitudes of the users themselves: doctors, patients, visitors, delivery people and passers-by who are the daily actors in the vibrant everyday life of these specific urban areas. Using a methodology developed by the editors and shared with the different researchers/authors, the book offers an insight into the perception and use of open spaces around seven hospital facilities in different parts of the world (Europe, Africa, Central and South America). The case studies examined are: in Albania, the General Regional Hospital \”Teni Konomi\”, Korça City (by M. Tuxhari); in Serbia, the University Hospital Medical Centre \”Bežanijska kosa\”, Novi Beograd Municipality, Belgrade (J. Marić & Z. Đukanović); in Ethiopia, the Ayder Comprehensive Specialised Hospital, Mekelle City (by D. Semunugus); in Kenya, Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi (by R. Manguru); in Sudan, Hajelsafi Hospital Khartoum, Bahri (by A.Y.E. Elhassan); in Guatemala, Sololá Hospital, Sololá, and in Paraguay (by A. Aguilar & L. E. Kohon Ortiz, Hospital Central of Instituto de Previsión Social, Asunción (by D. Acosta).

The word ‘quality’ [from lat. qualĭtas -atis, der. di qualis \”which\”] is assumed in its wide meaning as an element that positively or negatively characterizes a space. Researches in different parts of the world were conducted with the aim of identifying differences and similarities in defining \”quality\” as a resultant of complex characteristics of use, understanding, planning and design of hospital outdoors, which arise from local environmental and cultural specificities.

Hospital Outdoors: quality through users’ experience

Editors: Francesca Giofrè and Zoran Đukanović

Authors: Diana Acosta, Alexander Aguilar de León Jorge, Zoran Đukanović, Amna Yahia Eljaily Elhassan, Francesca Giofrè, Luis Enrique Kohön Ortiz, Jelena Marić, Robinson Manguro, Daniel Semunugus and Marsida Tuxhari

Foreword: Roberto Bologna and Jelena Živković

Publisher: TESIS Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca – “Sistemi e Tecnologie per le Strutture Sanitarie, Sociali e della Formazione” / Università degli Studi di Firenze / Dipartimento di Architettura (DiDA).

ISBN: 978-88-941518-4-8

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