Placemaking – Public Art

placemaking – public art

\”… From the very beginning of work on international, educational and interdisciplinary project Public art Public space (PaPs) – Urban municipality Stari Grad has various, complex and extremely significant role in its activities. By recognizing the importance of synergy actions in improvement of public spaces, Urban municipality Stari Grad enabled and in some projects even initiated, active participation of local citizens and institutions in planning, design and realization of a large number of PaPs projects. This study, along with the exhibition of students works, represents yet another aspect of our cooperation and contribution to our common tendencies for creating more beautiful, vital and accessible public spaces – spaces that citizens would accept as there own and act accordingly, while tourists and visitors could remember them as attractions and pleasantry of Belgrade…\”

Public Art and Placemaking : case study – Belgrade, City municipality Stari Grad / Zoran Đukanović, Jelena Živković. – Belgrade : Faculty of Architecture, 2008 (Beograd : C – print). – 115 pages: illustrated; 24 cm, serbian and english; – Circulation: 500. – ISBN 978-86-7924-012-5 711.4.01 COBISS.SR-ID 146592268

Placemaking – Public Art

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