VinoGrad – The art of wine

vinograd – the art of wine


Zoran Đukanović, Jelena Živković


VinoGrad – The Art of Wine
Zoran Đukanović, Aleksandar Bobić, Goran Radulović, Miodrag Cilić

Cultural landscape of wine cellars complexes in the area of Negotin municipality
Jasminka Cvejić, Andreja Tutundžić

ISBN: 978-86-7924-147-4

Belgrade, 2015

VinoGrad – The art of wine

This book is a result of collaboration between the Municipality of Negotin and Faculty of ArchitectureUniversity of Belgrade that has started in 2011. Through several “Public Art and Public Space” elective courses, more than 100 students, from both levels of study, bachelor level, as well as master level, were able to work, through the wide participatory process, on areas of the Negotin Municipality, especially on the famous wine cellars called: “Negotinske Pivnice”.

The aim of the student projects was to research the architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, aquatorial (Danube) potential, heritage and art synergy in the function of rural economy development of the area.

Until 2013., numerous presentations, with exhibitions “VinoGrad – The Art of Wine” was realized at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade and in the city of Negotin, as well. After all, some of these student projects were implemented.

The team consisted of students, professors and experts, from Serbia and from abroad, build a strong bond and cooperation between the Faculty of Architecture and the Municipality of Negotin. Fruitful working environment provided during years involved many other participants from Serbia and abroad. After all, the important contribution to the book is cultural landscape research done by students and professors from Landcspe Architecture, Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade.

The whole project was supported by Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), local Municipality of Negotin and local communities of wine producer’s villages.

During the autumn 2015 GIZ decided to publish the book.

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