sava\’s promenade

sava\’s promenade

The theme of the Project is to explore the possibilities of regulation and use of the segment of the Sava waterfront that belongs to CMSV in order to facilitate its revival.


The preliminary scoping study raised the following issues:

  • Which theoretical approaches to waterfront regulation and modern-day practices in waterfront revival could be employed to outline the method and establish the possibilities of regulation and use of the section of the Sava waterfront that belongs to CMSV in the context of urban growth of Belgrade?
  • What are the key features of the hitherto development, planning and use of the area; what are the plans for and concepts of its further growth?
  • Which strategies, designing and redesigning methods for open city spaces are acceptable and motivating for revitalization and further development of the section of the Sava waterfront dealt with in this project?

Our starting point was the need to reassess and redefine the basic present-day principles and approaches of waterfront treatment in Belgrade as compared to the current global practices so that the best solutions and most optimal answers in keeping with the contemporary demands are implemented. In order to gain the full understanding of the issues related to the present condition of the waterfront, we studied the character of the hitherto development, planning and use of the subject area. Additionally, we investigated the concepts of future growth and planners’ intents for the Belgrade riverfront. In this context, we carried out analyses of blueprints, the present state and of the set information base as the grounds for the program proposal and designing principles.
At examining program and spatial capacities of the riverfront revitalization, special attention was paid to sustainability issues (economic, social and environmental), efficiency and rationalization of the proposed program and solutions taking into consideration the strategic objectives of the City for the wider metropolitan area. Therefore, the main requirement was that the proposed program and solutions for the revitalization of the subject area should by no means presuppose or influence in any way solutions for strategically important surrounding areas. Consequently, the proposed program and solutions are bounded by the scope of the existing functional and spatial potentials of the site as well as by the legal framework and set goals in which it is possible to achieve maximum performance needed for the revitalization of the waterfront.

With regard to the above, the Project is to be realized in the following stages:

  • Defining the key ideas based on the major modern-day doctrines and best practices for waterfront treatment and benefits for local communities,
  • Analyses of the hitherto approaches to the planning of the subject area and of the subject area position in the City of Belgrade strategic development documents,
  • The subject area present state analysis includes setting up an information database for its physical and functional structure, property relations, present activities and ways of use,
  • Outlining the future development concept of the CMSV section of the Sava waterfront
  • Outlining the design philosophy for the subject area based on the best modern practices and customising such design philosophy to agree with the spatial and social features of Belgrade and the subject area,
  • Proposal for the establishment of the Sava Waterfront System (for the subject section) through zoning and by providing mobility, accessibility and connections both within the subject riverfront segment and with the immediate and larger neighborhood,
  • Proposal for a clearly defined, functional, efficient and sustainable program in keeping with the objective and manner of this work,
  • Proposal for the key project implementation principles and rules on a general level but taking into consideration the possible stages (planning, design and realization), the legal framework and certain economic, social and environmental aspects.

The offered solution is responded to specific characteristics of each zone and it is given a special programmatic package in accordance with the specificity of each zone and their specifically environment, immediate and the wider.

Study of Sava\’s promenade is awailable here (the summary in English is at the end of this document):

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