the city we need: open for art

the city we need: open for art


The City we Need: open for art is a project where University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Public art & Public space – PaPs program is taking part as a partner with Department of Architecture, Design and Urbanism in Alghero, University of Sassari, Italy (project leader); other core partners are Faculty of Civic Engeenering, Environment and Architecture in Cagliari, University of CagliariInteruniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning – DISTPolytechnic University of TorinoUniversity of TorinoMuseum of Art Province of Nuoro – MAN. The logic of the action is that as soon project develops and meets new interested in, as the list of the of the partners grows.

The project relates to Urban Thinkers Campus – UTC within UN-Habitat’s World Urban Campaign. All UTC events are oriented towards Habitat III campaign which aims to create \”New Urban Agenda\”. The UTC \”The City we Need: open for art\” is thematic event, engaging the relationships among art, city life and urban environment. Thus, participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the Agenda by defining the critical issues of art, and more specifically public arts as one of the most important ingredients of the lives and meanings of the city we need tomorrow. It is fully open for all who wants to be a part of it.

It will hold 18-20 February in Alghero, Sardegna, Italy.

Particular information about the UTC \”The City we Need: open for art\” are available at the official site:


We are inviting you to participate. Two types of open calls are announced:

– Open call for papers submission – for the ones who want to take a part in academic session during UTC event and,

– Open call for performances and actions – for the ones who want to submit their ideas and to give their active contribution proposing activities/labs/workshops as an atelier or an urban action during UTC event.

Submission guidelines, criteria, application forms and key dates are available at the official page

The deadline for the submission of the abstract is 30 of November 2015.


Deadline extended until 5th of February!

Participation is free of charge!

See more at:

Users guide

Here you can see the User\’s guide, where are explained details about event: The City We Need: Open for Art, The City We Need, Urban Thinkers Campus, Campus Structure, Campus Program, Campus Venue, Participants, Annex to the program and Partners.

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The report that all Urban Thnikers Campuses were obliged to submit consists of two level contributions. The first one was the Report about the topic chosen by the particular Campus and the second one was its contribution to the document The City We Need 2.0  – the comprehensive document that includes all UTCs reports and summarising document that extracts qualitative contributions of the UTCs by proposing 10 main principles of The City We Need.

Report \”The City We Need: Open for Art\”

All UTC realized within the World Urban Campaign, its topics, the organizers and the period they have been held, are represented in the form of an interactive world map at the official page of the WUC, for more information click here.

The main results from the Campus \”The City We Need: Open for Art\” you can find at the official site of the World Urban Campaign (publication is free for download) or you can see the report down under:

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The City We Need 2.0 – TCWN 2.0

The final draft of TCWN 2.0 with 10 principles to be promeoted as issues of the main interest for the New Urban Agenda was adopted unanimously by the World Urban Campaign Steering Committee at the regional meeting on 16 March 2016 in Prague, Czech Republi.

More information regarding the production process and charged about The City We Need 2.0 you can find at the official site of the WUC, by clicking here.

More about direct participation and contributions of PaPs on producing TCWN 2.0 you can find out by clicking here.

TCWN 2.0 is translated in 8 languages and it is available at the official WUC site and it is free to download by clicking here, or you can see it down under:

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