mn\’m workbook 3 – future urban intensities

Mn\’M Workbook 3 – Future Urban Intensities

This book brings together a selection of research papers, which were first presented at the concluding, third Measuring the non-Measurable – Mn’M Symposium, held in Tokyo 11, 2013.

The project Measuring the non-Measurable was conducted at Keio University, in the period between 2011-2014. It entered the field of debates about urban quality by challenging the very idea of mesurability. An important aim of the project was to adderss the unsustainable schism between qualitative and quantitative, \”textual\” and \”numerical\” in the urban and to reach towards addressing the Lefebvrian oeuvre. In order to get there, at the broadest, conceptual level, Mn\’m investigated the relationship between system theory (social sciences and engineering) and assemblage theory. Its cross-disciplinary theoretical frameworks relied on place theory. Lefebvrian social theories and the idea (l) of eco-urbanity. At methodological levels, the project combined standard research practices with emerging sensibilities and some resurgent criticel practices, such as Situationism and psychogeography.

Mn\’M Workbook 3: Future Urban Intensities brings together a selection of essays which present both the optimism towards the ever-finer measurement and representation of finest qualities of the urban, as well as doubts, which are integrated to provoke, stimulate and deepen further discussions. It summarises some of the emerging ways of thinking, making and living the urban in a rapidly changing the world. 

Darko Radović

In the book PaPs was presented in chapter named Participatory intensisty explaining the genearls of its methodological approach and main believes based on reached results.

The complete book is awailable here.


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