kst in wonderland

kst in wonderland

One of the issues make recognizable Belgrade\’s Klub Studenata Tehnike – KST (Club of the Students of Technical Sciences) is it\’s Pre-New Year\’s masquerade. The first one have been held 1973. year, much more modest than the one we are familiar with nowadays. Today, it has about 5000 of visitors, but aiming to hold the \”old lady\” discernible for its old visitors, there is always engaged special team of the stage designers.

7 stages / 1 night / over 15 performances / the night when the sound gets a third dimension / ETF / \”Домаћица\” / ROCK / silent / АРХ / 80s / dance / ragge / ska / etno / ГРФ

Тhe result of the workshop is possible to see here:

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