belgrade fortress – incomplete dream of town’s continuity

belgrade fortress – incomplete dream of town’s continuity

Belgrade Fortress – Incomplete Dream of Town’s Continuity

„Belgrade Fortress – incomplete dream of Town’s continuity“ is Public Art installation realized as part of the project „Revitalization of Belgrade Fortress“ within the frame of the Plan and program PE „Belgrade Fortress“ for 2009.
The project is realized at the initiative of PE „Belgrade Fortress“, and in cooperation
with University of Belgrade Faculty of Architecture and with the program Public Art.

Made especially for this occasion, appropriately selected, thematic original temporary public art installations, have been made by students of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Belgrade, gathered around the international, interdisciplinary program “Public Art & Public Space”.
Those works, made on the theme “BELGRADE FORTRESS CONTINUITY DREAM BOOK” where exposed in purposely chosen and arranged space at the Belgrade Fortress – in the moat below the Military Museum, and resulted in a dream-come-true fragment of the Street, which could have been in this very place, had the White City only lasted.

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