PaPs at \”musem night / noc muzeja 2011\”

PaPs at \”musem night / noc muzeja 2011\”

\”Noc Muzeja 2011\” – exhibition in Konak Kneginje Ljubice (Residence of Princess Ljubica) in Belgrade will include selected PaPs student projects from \”Death and the City – Grad i Smrt – Bogdan Bogdanovic\” exhibition. Projects were picked by the managers and curators of the The Belgrade City Museum as part of exhibition dedicated to the work of Prof. Bogdan Bogdanovic.

Previously, \”Death and the City – Grad i Smrt – Bogdan Bogdanovic\” exhibition of the students’ works (follow-up EDU activity) was organized in Fabruary 2011 in the Museum of Yugoslav History “25. maj” in Belgrade.

the symbol game and the show may begin (\”igre simbola i predstava može da počne\”)

Dance performance and an exhibition inspired by Prof. Bogdanović’s work. His creative opus was given from PaPs students’ own standpoint (students of PaPs course 2010/2011 at the Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade). From their perspective and artistic interpretation through movement and image, this performance might help you to better understand and meet the legacy of this unjustly forgotten creator.

story of the butterfly life

Cocoon – butterfly – metamorphosis – life cycle
Butterfly – captured – a hidden – dark
Metamorphosis – changes – something new
Life cycle – process of leaving the cocoon, convert

Body simulation of symbols in monumental architecture of Bogdan Bogdanovic
Imagining people in space of the monument in Vlasotince, in various rituals of religious and folklore origin, occured a thought that a monument should only remind of past days and deceased people, but to serve to a very living world of every day.
A phase where the subject recognized itself at this very place in similar activities, came to existence, and afterwards in other spaces of author’s works, feeling emotions of a common day.
This step had shown how the subject corresponds with the author’s message, and it had made the decision in choosing a way of presenting the former. It was observing the similarity between the moves in rituals and the artifacts existed in the place, themselves.
The author found a muse in Anna Pawlowna Pavlova (a Russian ballerina 1882-1931), an ideal which his architecture was based on. Refering to her dance, certain moves out of time were born – stoned. This work has for its’ subject a reversible process. The symbols are metaphorically getting back to a life taking the human form.

Author: Nada Ćirković

little urban design

While analyzing the book “Little Urban Design“ by Bogdan Bogdanovic, we discovered that it was not some plan or blueprint for future urban designing or city modeling. We discovered that it is in fact a way of looking at all the problems and topics that urban planning can provide.
This made us choose some of the topics mentioned in the book and present them in the contemporary form that describes best our moment in time. We tried to show, rather than to emphasize all the places in Belgrade that were sore spots, or pleasant ones… in the very moment when the book was published.
So, when you look at the city through those eyes you will see how little it has changed. And that is precisely what we are all hopping to change.

Authors: Jelena Knežević and Dušan Tasić

interpreting the symbols

Drawings on the monuments of Bogdan Bogdanovic – \”Neolithic flowers” symbolize life extension of the dead and their journey into eternity. Interpretation of these forms brakes them down into the parts. Re-shape these parts, this time in the open space – in the air, and the new forms emerge. Shadows of these forms that anyone can interpret on your own, new way. The answer to the question of the meaning of these symbols is that no answer can be neither true nor false. The answer: there is no answer.

Authors: Ana Todosijević

During the winter semester 2010/11 traditional PaPs elective course dealt with the role and influence of Bogdan Bogdanović in public spaces. \”Gradoslovar\” and \”Death and the City\” PaPs elective courses dedicated to Bogdan Bogdanovic at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Belgrade. Courses were carried out with the support of international cultural funds and participation of guest lecturers.

In Gradoslovar and Death and the City students accomplished independent research work, inspired by specified works and literature, as well as other documents relating to Bogdanovic\’s work and work of his range. The emphasis was processed through texts by Professor Bogdan Bogdanovic.

According to the courses results – this was one of the most successful and innovative PaPs EDU programmes. In a creative and inspirational way, students responded to the theme of the programme by submitting graphic and textual works, as well as through video, audio and spatial installations. Bogdanović’s writings on the city and his memorial architecture were the main themes of the exhibited works.

PaPs at \”musem night\” / Gallery

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