the doomed architect (ukleti neimar) – bogdan bogdanovic

the doomed architect (ukleti neimar) – bogdan bogdanovic

\”The Doomed Architect / Ukleti neimar\” exhibition in Konak Kneginje Ljubice (Residence of Princess Ljubica) in Belgrade will include selected PaPs student projects from \”Death and the City – Grad i Smrt – Bogdan Bogdanovic\” exhibition. Projects were picked by the exhibition author Ivan Ristic and curators of the The Belgrade City Museum as part of exhibition dedicated to work of Prof. Bogdan Bogdanovic. The exhibition was added in\”BINA – Belgrade week of architecture\” schedule, supported by City of Belgrade Secretariat of Culture and Architecturezentrum Wien.

Previously, \”Death and the City – Grad i Smrt – Bogdan Bogdanovic\” exhibition of the students’ works (follow-up EDU activity) was organized in Fabruary 2011 in the Museum of Yugoslav History “25. maj” in Belgrade.

During the winter semester 2010/11 traditional PaPs elective course dealt with the role and influence of Bogdan Bogdanović in public spaces. \”Gradoslovar\” and \”Death and the City\” PaPs elective courses dedicated to Bogdan Bogdanovic at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Belgrade. Courses were carried out with the support of international cultural funds and participation of guest lecturers.

In Gradoslovar and Death and the City students accomplished independent research work, inspired by specified works and literature, as well as other documents relating to Bogdanovic\’s work and work of his range. The emphasis was processed through texts by Professor Bogdan Bogdanovic.

According to the courses results – this was one of the most successful and innovative PaPs EDU programmes. In a creative and inspirational way, students responded to the theme of the programme by submitting graphic and textual works, as well as through video, audio and spatial installations. Bogdanović’s writings on the city and his memorial architecture were the main themes of the exhibited works.

city / memorial

For Bogdan Bogdanović, every memorial implied a sort of urban planning, the city, the public space and a desire to revive, though the designed structures symbolize death.
We wanted to see how would Belgrade, as an image of vigor and urban romp, look today if its key symbols (landmarks), like the monument of Prince Mihailo Obrenović or the Belgrade Palace (Beograđanka), were replaced with some of Bogdanović\’s memorials. The memorials were chosen on the basis of their formal and symbolic likeness with the selected objects in the city. For example, Bogdanović\’s memorial at the Jewish cemetery was juxtaposed with the building of the General Headquarters of the Army of Yugoslavia on the basis of their similar form, but also because the building acts as a gate to Nemanjina Street that leads to Slavija Square, just like the mentioned memorial symbolizes the doorway into the road – in this case, the one leading to the Otherworld.

Authors: Sanja Mraović, Nevena Krajnović

Font Bogdanica

Font Bogdanica is a Cyrillic font based on the typography of Bogdan Bogdanovic, used in a number of his memorials. It merges his earlier, more expressive, and his later, more geometrized idiom. The font is non-standard, hardly usable in the common way and unconventional, just like its inspirer.

Author: Dalibor Pajić

Word, image
Word / image, image / word
Word / hidden image, image / hidden word”

(Bogdan Bogdanovic, The “Book of Capitaels”)

The CONCEPT, implemented as a SOCIAL GAME, is guided by the idea related to Egyptian mythology and the constant playing with/in the pursuit of symbolism. The game is inspired by the ancient game of Senet, with precisely defined rules and the number of players. While moving around the board, players \”unlock” fields, where they encounter Bogdanovic’s drawings through Egyptian symbols. Some drawings are followed by short riddle in the form of a quotation from The Books of Capitals,\” related to the subject matter and context.
\”Word – image
Word game / image game, image game / word game
Hiding / discovering game, discovering game / hiding game“

Author: Anđela Đorović

idea box

Idea Box is an interpretation of Bogdan Bogdanović\’s drawings through the medium of sculpture. Its concept is based on shaping an object – a box, a material object meant as a repository for non-material values – ideas.
This act insists on universal values and the values of Bogdanović\’s work, like fantasy, the world of ideas, imagination and polysemy.
The key connectioin between his drawing and the sculpture was established through the motif of Game, which is frequent in Bogdanović\’s work. In Idea Box, the game is an alternative guide through images and symbols.
The result is a peculiar combination of Bogdan Bogdanović\’s graphic art and the author\’s sculpture which unifies multple functions of the drawings\’ form and symbolism.

Author: Ana Jevđović

the bust of bogdan bogdanovic

This is a spatial installation in the lobby of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. The video work deals with observers’ reactions to the presented artefact infused with symbolic meaning. The author inquires into the possibility and the need to set the bust at the proposed place, as well as into the chances to get the approval for that. The work is somewhat subversive, since the bust features a silhouette, without explicitly revealing that the represented person is Bogdan Bogdanović. It is actually a questionnaire meant to raise the issue of our attitude to historical and memorial works, and, consequently, the issue of the merits of a man who bequeathed his oeuvre to us.

Author: Aleksandar Suhanov

the doomed architect / Gallery

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