vinograd – the art of wine in negotin

vinoGrad – the art of wine in negotin

As a part of manifestation called “Majske svečanosti”,on a city square in Negotin, works from students of faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, were displayed as a part of an exhibition. Students through works showed their ideas for regulating and promoting famous touristic destinations in Negotinska Krajina. Exhibit was opened by the president of the Negotin district Dr Vlajko Đorđević, following him spoke Mr. Miodrag Stajić, deputy director of National corporation for touristic development, docent Zoran Đukanović and docent Mr. Uroš Radosavljević from faculty of Architecture.

Exhibition originated from research made on Architecture Faculty as composite part of project “Authentic etno village from Eastern Serbia” which is being implemented in districts of Negotin, Majdanpek, Golubac and Kladovo with financial support from German organization for international cooperation-GIZ. On the city square there were displayed works from students of Architecture Faculty, as a practical part of a seminar “Public Art and Public Space” and “Integral approach in sustainable development of rural tourism”, which offer interesting solution to enriching touristic offers of Negotin district.

With revitalization and putting them into touristic function, these projects will have remarkable significance, not only on a local community, but for development of recognition and positive image of Serbia on international tourist map. Projects are mix of sustainable development, rural tourism and winery and as such will represent an unique touristic offer of this region. This is an excellent example of integral growth and juncture of several different types of touristic product with same goal of using the full potential of entire region and it giving fuller and better offers to domestic and international tourists which more and more tend to prioritize natural environment and going back to true values. This gives the significance to projects and potential in upcoming period.

Visitors of the exhibition had the chance to see student ideas for arranging touristic destinations, offers of new contents, authentic programs and unusual products. As an especially interesting stood out touristic route “With water to wine” which represents cruise on a Danube and sightseeing of wine regions including Rajacko vineyard and famous “Wine cellars”, Vinovoz”, “Vinoćište“ and similar.

As stated out by docent Zoran Đukanović, vice-dean of Architecture Faculty of Belgrade University, every single solution that was offered can be worked on so it becomes concrete project for improving this iinsufficiently valorized region on a touristic map. By professional estimate of docent Đukanović, shores of Danube should be prioritized , as a most important river corridor in Europe, and wine cellars, stone complexes for making and preserving vine, which even up to this date, kept their function. Docent Mr. Uroš Radosvaljević put emphasis on sustainable development of rural tourism could be ,besides attracting foreign and domestic tourists, helping with reviving villages and keeping young from living villiages.

the art of wine in negotin / Gallery

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