white town’s incomplete dream

white town’s incomplete dream

EXHIBITIОN of students’ works – Faculty of Architecture – University of Belgrade
Unfulfilled Dream of Belgrade

The exhibition „Unfulfilled dream of Belgrade“ is part of the project „Revitalization of Belgrade Fortress“ within the frame of the Plan and program PE „Belgrade Fortress“ for 2009.

The project, financed by the Municipality of Belgrade’s Secretary of Culture, was realised at the initiative of PE „Belgrade Fortress“, and in cooperation with University of Belgrade Faculty of Architecture and with the program Public Art & Public Space (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture).

The exhibition has been realized as paper works made by students of the Faculty of Architecture from the University of Belgrade, all of which pick up on the central Subject in their respective approaches and subject matters. Thinking about the potentials of the Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan, from the point of view of contemporary preservation and presentation of historical heritage, as well as its connection with the modern trends of city life, the experts from the Public Company Belgrade Fortress have instigated work on a few rather thought-provoking topics at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade; these topics were offered for elaboration not only all years and with different professional experience, as part of regular courses taken at their student projects. Exhibition of these student works has been organized at Kalemegdan’s Sava Promenade – Belgrade Fortress Esplanade, and it is the second part of the main project, called ‘’ Revitalization of Belgrade Fortress’’. Making this exhibition, our wish was to present to the public works done by young experts, architects, who didn\’t have to cope with the usual “real” professional problems, but rather, soaring on the wings of their imagination and creativity, examined the capacity of the “citiness” of the Fortress, searching for the solutions that might be considered relevant and desirable from the contemporary perspectives, in the first place in the field of architecture. The purpose of making these projects was not to realize them, but to verify certain ideas which might be set as options for future interventions.

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