011 PaPs 2013 ten years after

ten years after

ten years ago, our PaPs – public art & public space program was born. during the last ten years, we were all worked hardly and now we are still working hardly in a very good mood. thank you for all of that: for your friendship, support and hard work, for your desires and dreams you had shared with us. all those mutual years, which are behind us are the best guide-mark of the incoming times as a promising sign for years which are in front of us.
at the following link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diuwcdn3zfy&feature=youtu.be you can see our 10th birthday presentation.
the project aimed to celebrate the 10th universality of the pubic art & public space (PaPs) program; to gather, represent and evaluate all that has been done in the last 10 years passed until founding.

the project has been realized at the faculty of architecture, university of belgrade, during the scholar year 2012-2013, in collaboration with people and institutions which have been already involved in the PaPs program in those 10 years passed. participants and students had task to introduce themselves, represent and recycle every particular important project, which was already implemented by PaPs during the last 10 years; to show design concept, to develop the structure and content of realization and propose such a new overall design of the project of specific “public art” event. in addition, the students are expected, based on their knowledge, to defined implementation plan events and activities they proposed.
post production works in the first frame – creation of virtual place for PaPs.
a part of the annual project was aimed to represent the PaPs work throughout this site. the goal was to share our experience with others and to be in the contact with all participants, around the world.
for mor information about it, walktrough the site http://www.publicart-publicspace.org/
a timeline of people have been participating in PaPs projects during 10 years passed you can see here:

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