weare architettura ad alghero!

weare architettura ad alghero!


The Department of Architecture, Design and Urbanism – DADU (Sardinia, Italy) recognized at the national level by its quality, nowadays experiences a moment of the hard crisis, following by a series of initiatives and collaborations which made the Department respiration on an international level. The problems were born with the lack of funds and financial stability, which inexplicably the Region of Sardegna cannot guarantee. Furthermore, the present situation is in general a product off of the Italian university which in general place criteria that in principle, already not corresponding to a real enhancement of a public education.

Afterward, these premises are used by the students of DADU in Alghero to generate birth of a permanent assembly. The assembly is a protest reaction to directives and decrees have been given to undermine the foundations of the survival of a university quality, beyond ensuring equitable distribution of funds and discharged, moreover without a ministry line that plan an overall improvement in the yield of the departments.

The mobility of the students aims to create a network entering into the merits of these decisions, in line with the constitutional principles that give the institutions as the representation of the public will.

PaPs supporting letter:

Cari amici nostri,

These days, with the deepest worries and sadness, we received and we are still receiving, a lot of bad news from Alghero about the present situation; we can’t believe that is happening in our divine Italy. We simply do not want to believe that, officially one of the best Schools of Architecture in Italy could no longer works properly – just because of the cruelty of the “material world”.

Italy has always been the role model, a goal, an inspiration, especially in the field of architecture… Moreover, the hope…

Italian architecture has always been both, in the same time: the wellspring and the confluence of civilization.

Thus, Italy is one of the most important cradles of civilization. If we will lose one of the best Italian schools of architecture, the cradle will remain empty, because there is no civilization without the architecture.

The future is uncertain!

We have to fight for the future, if not because of us, then because of our kids. Italian architecture and Italian architects are the world heritage. It means they belong to each one of us. It means they belong to us too. It means they belong to our child, as well. Although we know that our next proposal will is totally missed in this moment while the Department fight for the public budget, we would are still proposing that every one of us, from all around the world, should give some support and contribution to the School of Architecture in Alghero in some way. We are asking “worldwide” our friends to do that also. We ask our friends from Alghero to invent the way how do that… if not because of us, than because of our kids.

Architecture is always about the future!

Let’s do it!

Support to Architettura ad Alghero / Gallery

Mobilization: 19.02.2015 University of Sassari, Rectorate and 24.02.2015. Regional Council of Sardinia,Cagliari  / Gallery

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