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since PaPs 2003 pointed out the path to the river to citizens of belgrade – PaPs 2004 aimed to keep them at the riverfront by organizing different events. these events were six sport and nautical events and competitions on the river and twenty different exhibitions were organized about the of the belgrade river-fronts.

we started from the fact that belgrade has two rivers, both significant international water transit corridors, with the biggest tourist and cargo ports in serbia. creating big event was logical devotion to the rivers, manifesting emerging carnival spirit and supporting recreational, sport and nautical tourism capacities.

culmination – boat processions and carnival ceremony, promenade on the riverfront, fireworks…

the idea was to demonstrate the potentials and possibilities of the river “aquatorium” and the riverfront usage and to present students’ ideas about riverfront development to the citizens. the concept promotes belgrade as open city and contributes to its title of attractive touristic destination.

the day ended with the initiation of the first belgrade boat carnival (bbc) in co-organization of PaPs-faculty of architecture and tourist organization of belgrade(tob).
initiating and organizing bbc was not the purpose for us, it was rather an educational tool for our prominent students and their mentors/tutors from PaPs network to achieve excellence in event design and production, work with the local communities and river users, relevant public enterprises, civil sector linked to the river, sport and recreational organizations. it was also the great boost to our fund-raising and project management skills within the tight time-constraints while leading such a large and diverse partnership.

bbc 2004 manifestation was covered by more than 100 accredited journalists, around 30 different media crews from serbia and abroad. during the carnival, there were around 100.000 citizens on both banks of the sava river.

after successful first belgrade boat carnival, we have pronounced it as a gift-event from us to the city of belgrade. since 2004, it has become one of the most successful annual touristic, nautical and cultural events of our city, now organized and managed by tob.

finally, first bbc initiated the membership of belgrade as member of foundation of
european carnival cities (fecc). mr. henry van der kroon, international president of fecc attended the first bbc and granted bbc medals to winning boats (medals were specially designed by PaPs for this event).

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