in september 2007 the university of belgrade, faculty of architecture, published a book by darko radovic and zoran djukanovic entitled urbophilia.

urbophilia is a composite text. it combines some new and previously published writings by darko radovic, professor of urban design and architecture at the university of tokyo’s centre for sustainable urban regeneration (csur), together with a transcript of one of his lectures and interviews on a wide range of issues addressing culturally and environmentally sustainable urbanism and architecture. the book was conceived within the public arts public space project (PaPs), at the university of belgrade. docent professor zoran djukanovic heads PaPs and is the co-author of the innovative concept of urbophilia, which creatively integrates research, writings and other projects of darko radovic.

urbophilia had its global launch on 12th september 2007, at the international eco-urbanity symposium at the university of tokyo. the launch was attended by eco-urbanity participants, including a number of prominent academics from across the globe (see details at csur.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ecourbanity). the regional launch was held at the faculty of architecture, university of belgrade. it was attended by a number of academics, practitioners and students, and followed by radovic’s public lecture “tokyo – local nuances in the metropolis,” at the kolarac foundation, belgrade.

the book is bilingual, with full parallel texts in english and serbo-croatian languages. richly illustrated, it totals 609 pages. the text is structured in several thematic clusters: introductions; a transcript of the lecture on federation square, melbourne; interviews; essays; analytical explorations of the material; two reviews and a brief post scriptum on PaPs and its activities.

urbophilia is available for purchase through the book will also be available in better bookstores worldwide.


authors: darko radovic, zoran djukanovic

editors: olga mladenovic, zivojin kara-pesic

publisher: faculty of architecture, university of belgrade press

year: 2007

isbn: 978-86-80095-91-2

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