small urban interventions

This annual project is dedicated to small urban interventions whose design and production were the subject of PaPs elective courses, of Bachelor and Master Studies, for several semesters since 2014.

By urban interventions, we mean artistic installations in open public space, with artistic intentions, site specific, environmentaly responsible, community oriented, cultural and identity sensitive, respectable to behavioral and usage paterns of citizens and react on burning social questions, desires hopes and fears. They include a variety of forms of public art, from sculpture to murals and other visual art to performances, and their possible interactive components. They are small in its ephemeral character, temporary dimension of a few hours, up to few days, and “zero” budget used for realisation.

Besides poetics and quality of the project itself, the message they transfer and reaction of the public and sometimes change in use patterns that these projects produce are equally important. Sometimes rising or criticising important societal or environmental issues, these projects aim to put attention on problem in urban open space or to indicate its possible solutions. Other times, interventions simply remind of apparently forgotten values or aim to spread cultural, artistic or other qualities.

Finally, selected works were combined into a draft publication, still in compilation.

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