Climate changes, Cities, Communities and equity to Health – CliCCHE is the Erasmus+ European project (2022-2023) in which University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Public Art & Public Space program took part. The CliCCHE partnership brings together four academic partners, one research centre and four partner cities from Italy, Cyprus, Portugal and Serbia: University of Camerino, Camerino, Italy; University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia; National Research Council, Rome, Italy; Cyprus Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus; University Institute of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal and associated cities: City of Valjevo, Serbia; San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy; Lisbon, Portugal; Municipality of Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus.

The project aims to develop and test new teaching and learning experiences at technical faculties of European universities. Its goal is to enhance knowledge about strategies for adapting to climate change and mitigating its impact on human health within urban regeneration projects.

Throughout the entire cycle of the CliCCHE project, applied principles were integrated into teaching and research activities, thereby effectively promoting the project’s mission, vision, and values within the academic community. Moreover, the majority of practical research and educational initiatives took place in Valjevo, the project’s local partner city. As a result, the project’s dissemination extended extensively within the local community across various sectors, including public, private, and civil sectors.

As part of research and educational activities, the results of the CliCCHE project were realized within 1. Public Art & Public Space and its Research laboratory: Participatory urban design and participatory public art; 2. Elective courses: Urban open spaces (3rd year of undergraduate studies – Prof. Zoran Đukanović), Artistic design of public urban spaces (1st year of master’s study – Prof. Zoran Đukanović), and Urban recreation (1st year of master’s study – Prof. Jelena Živković); 3. Compulsory subjects: STUDIO-M02U – Participatory urban design – project (1st year of master’s study – Prof. Zoran Đukanović) and STUDIO-M02U – Participatory urban design – seminar (1st year of master’s study – Prof. Zoran Đukanović). These activities involved over 80 students from various levels of education (bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral studies), alongside 5 associates and 5 professors from the University of Belgrade. Additionally, participation included 10 international and domestic experts and professors, as well as all members of the CliCCHE teams from all partner institutions.

In addition to conducting research and educational activities on the roles of public art in strategies for mitigation of climate changes, improving urban health, and developing project proposals for the improvement of public spaces in the city of Valjevo, PaPs also undertook responsibility for creating the visual identity of the CLICCHE project and designing the official website. The book “CliCCHE Participatory Urban Design” presents some of the results of the PaPs, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture.

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