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Edu / Public Art and Public Space

Memory of the City / City, Memory, Oblivion

    The basic course aims to introduce students to    the types, forms and conditions of the realization      

    of artistic projects in public spaces that realizes the interdisciplinary work of the artist, architects,

    planners and designers and various forms of public    participation and community involvement in the

    planning, design and implementation.

    Advanced course deals with training students to plan, design and implement projects to improve their

    public spaces deployment and ( re) design using different art forms and means. The overall objective of

     the program is to introduce students to the types, forms and conditions of the realization of

    architectural urban - art projects in the public sphere / area that is realized interdisciplinary for artists,

    architects, planners and designers, as well as various forms of public participation     
    and local communities in the planning, design and implementation.

Teaching the course is focused on exploring the content, structure, and process conditions implementation of Public Art projects and defining criteria their evaluation (for the basic course). For the advanced course teaching will deal with research facilities and the planning and management of Public Art - and application of acquired knowledge and skills in the implementation of a specific project.



 Topic of the task in the winter semester 2013/14 is:


Task for student is:


Consultants: Velimir Ćurgus Kazimir i Katarina Živanović


Working matrial:

Templates for final exam: OAS_sheet1,  OAS_sheet2MASA_sheet1, MASA_sheet2MIU_sheet1MIU_sheet2