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Edu / 2011/2012 M 17 elective subject 1 Bachelor cours and M 8.1 elective subject 1 Маstеr cours FoA, UB

Public Art and Public Space – THE ART OF WINE

Objective: Art in public city spaces, Public Art Public Space engaged in training students to plan, design and implement projects to improve the spatial aspects of the public sphere/public space and their activation (re) design using different art forms and means. The overall objective of the program is to acquaint students with the types, forms and conditions of the realization of architectural urban-art projects in the public sphere/space which is accomplished interdisciplinary for artists, architects, planners and designers, as well as various forms of public participation and local communities in the planning, design and implementation.

The specific objective of the course is to develop this year's discussion, information exchange, and research through which to students achieve critical review of the ways in which the field of architecture and urban planning could help improving winemaking, viticulture and wine tourism in Serbia.
In the broadest sense, teaching the course is focused on exploring the characteristics of the public domain in the sphere of public space and opportunities to improve their implementation of various architectural and urban planning, art programs. With prior notice to the theoretical foundations and practical experience in this field, we investigated the possibility of where the fields of architecture and urban planning found its proper role in the promotion of both wine and vineyards and wineries in the region-vineyards, and contemporary design specialized "wine" space specific "wine" items, but also the possibilities of developing wine tourism in Serbia, their deployment and (re) design using different architectural urban and artistic methods and forms of expression.
More broadly, the basic subjects of the research will be divided into separate, specific subgroup problem. Each student/group chooses to own, principally, the subject area of research one of the following problem:
a) defines the general characteristics of a wider thematic field (it is generally at the level of the overall theme field survey on the level of the immediate environment of problem in detail at a selected/set subgroup problem);
b) define the specific features and qualities of the current situation in the local subgroup problem and foreign practices, identify and analyze existing and establish new programs for development projects improvements (to the level of a selected/given subgroup problem);
c) exploring the potential of the proposed development-selected programs at the same time understanding potential effects of the implementation of specific projects, and to explore their territorial or thematic connections in the network (due to the level of a selected/given problem subgroup, and its effects are analyzed and networking-wide thematic field).


Annual project: The Art of Wine 2012

Publication: "Vinograd - The Art of WIne"

Exhibition "VinoGrad - The art of wine" at the Faculty of architecture - Belgrade

Exhibition "VinoGrad - The art of wine" - the Municipality of Negotin

Remake of the exhibition "VinoGrad - The art of wine" - the Municipality of Negotin

Gallery / Gallery