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News / Promotion of the book "Wine cellars of Negotin"

On Friday, September 27, at 6 pm, the book called "Wine Cellars of Negotin", edited by Zoran Đukanovic and Arnaldo Bibo Checchini, will be promoted at the Italian Institute of Culture in Belgrade. The book is published by Italian Institute of Culture in Belgrade.

The book is the result of the activities that began in 2011 within the cooperation among the Municipality of Negotin, the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade and the Public art & Public Space program, together with other academic, public and private institutions as well as experts from Italy, Serbia and other countries.

The project, attended by more than 100 students, aims to revitalize and reconstruct the wine cellars of the Negotinska Krajina. The project is an important step in improving communication and cooperation between the public and private sectors.

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