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"Sidewalk Museum" at Monumenti aperti Alghero

"Sidewalk Museum" is the exhibition realised by Animation Design laboratory of the Department of Architecture, Design and Urbanism - DADU, (University of Sassari, Italy) for the event "Monumenti aperti - Alghero 2018". The exhibition is a result of collaboration with the local prison, Casa di Reclusione di Alghero. Public art & Public space collaborated on realisation of the "Sidewalk Museum": a transportable, temporary exhibition designed to support and enrich the visit to the Museum of Prison "Casa di Reclusione Giuseppe Tommasiello", Alghero.

Concept of the exhibition: Nicolò Ceccarelli
Executive project: Marco Sironi
Support to the executive project: Francesco Puggioni
Collaboration: Vanessa Angius, Nađa Beretić / Public art & Public space, Maria Clelia Cossu, Paola Dore, Lara Marras, Simone Sanna and, Sabina Selli.
Autors of texts: Nicolò Ceccarelli and Paolo Bellotti
Graphical project: Marco Sironi
Prison's architectures section from a thesis by: Federica Serra
Special thanks to: Francesco Indovina and Elisa Milanesi


Sidewalk Museum / Gallery