Public art in terms of sustainable tourism: PaPs methodology

public art in terms of sustainable tourism: PaPs methodology

Tourism as a global phenomenon of constant growth in economic and social development assumes, not only orientation towards consumers, but rather respect and anticipation of local and regional, material and non material, natural and artificial values aimed at development economy and society in order to improve the quality of live. Since tourism is primary directed and based in usage of public spaces, whether landscapes, urban open spaces, cultural institutions and regardless ownership structure or way of using, the methodology of creation and improvement of public spaces within urban design becomes more and more important. Accordingly, this paper presents PaPs methodology for using Public Art as a main tool in urban design, for the improvement and creation of public spaces, i.e. places. The intention is to present the original methodological framework which is possible to use as a basic tool for the promotion of sustainable tourism development in line with modern doctrines, either ones belong to tourism, either urban design ones.

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