12 Public Art and Public Space – ten years after recycling 2012/2013

Public Art and Public Space – ten years after/recycling


Objective: Art in Public City Spaces, Public Art Public Space engaged in training students to plan, design and implement projects to improve their public spaces deployment and (re) design using different art forms and means.

The overall objective of the program is to acquaint students with the types, forms and conditions of the realization of architectural urban – art projects in the public sphere / space which is accomplished interdisciplinary for artists, architects, planners and designers, as well as various forms of public participation and local communities in the planning, design and implementation.

The specific objective of the course is to develop this year\’s discussion, exchange of information and research through which to students achieve a critical review of the results of a ten-year action program Public Art & Public Space in academic and public spheres of Belgrade and Serbia.

Teaching the case is focused on the research content and process of planning and management of Public Art-and to put their knowledge and skills in the implementation of a specific project.

Subject aims: Topic of the task is planning, design and production / event management in the areas of public art in public urban spaces in and around the Faculty of Architecture. The task of the students is based on the introduction of realized projects of Public Art and Public Space-PaPs, design concept, develop the structure and content of the proposed total-design of the \”Public Art\” event. In addition, the Students are expected to based on their knowledge of events defined implementation plan and proposed activities its implementation.
An alternative assignment of students to choose, present, analyze a project realized under the framework of this program and to offer their own interpretation of the selected project in the form of micro-project interventions by Public Art on the Faculty of Architecture or it\’s environment. Selected works will be implemented under the specific exhibitions/events that will be organized in the second half of May 2013th year.

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