03 уметност у јавним градским просторима/Public Space 4 Public Art

уметност у јавним градским просторима/Public Space 4 Public Art

Objectiv: training students abouth planning, design and implementation of projects by improve their public spaces deployment and (re)design using the different art forms.

Subject aims: Thematic areas are Urban Design, Public Art, Urban Public Spaces, Architectural Design, Urban Management, Management of Art, Urban Planning. For exploring the possibilities of improving the city\’s public spaces working area is Municipality of Savski Venac. Students selected for the field of a spatial entity (or a specific field of action) which:
a) defines the general characteristics;
b) define the specific features and qualities of public space (or a specific field of activity) and the
basis that identifies and analyzes existing and establish new locations for public art projects;
c) exploring the potential of selected areas (or specific fields of activity in the local conditions) for implementation of various forms of public art;
g) creating original public art projects with a consideration of the potential effects of the implementation of these projects and understanding the possibilities and their thematic networks, at the same time.

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