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Projects / Workshops

TCWN 2.0 promotion Campaign

The workshop was an indirect consequence of Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) "The City We Need: Open for Art" (, organized by Christine Auclair, Project Leader - World Urban Campaign - UN-HabitatRainer Kern, The City of Mannheim - Representative of the Lord mayor; Director UNESCO - City of Music Mannheim; Director of the Enjoy Jazz festival of Mannheim and Christian Huebel, Strategic managet of The City of Mannheim.
After the implementation of the UTC, the requested report by World Urban Campaign (WUC) consisted of two level contributions. The first one was the Report about the topic chosen by the particular Campus and the second one was its contribution to the document The City We Need 2.0 - the comprehensive document that includes all UTCs reports and in parallel, summarising document that extracts qualitative contributions of the UTCs by proposing 10 main principles of The City We Need. TCWN 2.0 was prepared as a possible contribution to "New Urban Agenda", to be accepted on Habitat III (UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban development / Quito, Ecuador; October 17-21, 2016.). Towards Habitat III, at the 14th WUC Steering Committee Meeting (Prague, 15-16 March 2016) partners of the WUC who have been involved in the organization of Urban Thinkers Campuses in 2015-16 have expressed the need to strengthen communication on TCWN 2.0 before Habitat III.
One of the vehicles of that dissemination has been established as the WUC TV, and TCWN Series, a collection of news videos to illustrate TCWN towards the Habitat III Conference and beyond. Not only the videos, but there were necessity for focused promotional strategy and ground-breaking production to attract participants, the media and the general public, before and at Habitat III.
Chosen by WUC a group of committed partners and operators in the field of urban artistic production were selected. Four team members that are selected were from the UTC Open for art, where two of them are PaPs representatives.
In April 2016, hosted by the City of Mannheim, the workshop is held as a 3 full-day meeting and brain-storming on a possible production to promote TCWN 2.0, concentrated on mapping and identification of potential processes and associated partners for such a production. The outcome of the workshop was a media campaign, including a strategic timeline of promotional activities and its contributions. Diverse scenarios for events following WUC meetings was drafted (finally, there were no resources for its realization). Engagement and temporality about social media was the other result, including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others. Here you can see the video that was produced by WUC staff after the workshop:

The particular PaPs contribution is the idea and its graphical identity of the promotional Campaign and following materials. At the picture down below you can see how the idea is developed and realised later by the official WUC designer for the document TCWN 2.0.